March, 5th 2024

New flavour Calamansi Crush!

Inspired by our experiences in the Philippines we developed a new creation of flavour: Calamansi Crush!

Experience how a swirling tornado of sun-ripened calamansi fruits combines sparkling sweetness with tingling acidity to create an exotic and refreshing taste.
By the way not only for gamer: ideal for challeging days at the office or to unleash creative energy in sports. So get your „Calamansi Crush“ and be enchanted by this unique taste experience.


November, 4th 2023

Local Play, Global Impact

FTWIN at the first F4 Gaming Festival in Schwerte

It is a particular concern for us to act not only globally, but also locally and to support gaming events.

This is what happened at the first F4 Gaming Festival in Schwerte on November, 4th.

In addition to an EA Sports FC 24 tournament, retrogaming and virtual reality, the festival offered a Free2Play area, indie games, comic and manga exhibition, drawing course, cosplay and tabletop games.

There were many prizes, including one hour of coaching in eFootball of the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) with a coach of the BVB eFootball team!

We are overwhelmed by the response: almost 800 visitors were there.

We will definitely be back next year!


November, 3rd - 5th 2023


Our debut in the Philippines - We attended the ESports and Gaming Summit ESGS! 🇵🇭

Great news! We entered the gaming stage of the Philippines for the first time at #ESGS2023 and our team was not only welcomed with open arms but also embraced by the vibrant energy of the gaming community.

In the heart of this digital spectacle, we found inspiration and innovation intertwining, forging a path towards prosper future. The overwhelming response from the community has left us invigorated.

We can't believe how much traffic we had at our stand! It was so incredibly inspiring and overwhelming!

A heartfelt thank you to the amazing gamers, enthusiasts, and visionaries who made this experience truly unforgettable. Your passion propels us forward, and we are excited to continue this journey, hand in hand with the dynamic gaming community of the Philippines.

As we bask in the afterglow of this unforgettable event, we are eager to translate this momentum into groundbreaking initiatives.

October, 5th 2023

Brandnew and just in time for autumn/winter: new flavours!

Our new flavours Kaos Kola and Oma´s Bratapfel have arrived just in time for autumn/winter season!

When tasting Kaos Kola, the thrilling fusion of sparkling lemon, spicy cinnamon and refreshing cola surprises your taste buds and awakens a sense of controlled chaos on your tongue before the invigorating refreshment ignites your senses.

The seductive taste of fruity apples with a hint of fine winter spices enchants your senses and takes you back to grandma's kitchen. Be surprised by Oma´s Bratapfel!

July, 4th 2023

New flavours - again!

It's summertime!

What would summer be without new fresh flavours? We are very happy to present three new varieties:

Peach Perfect
Melon Mania
Citrus Circus

Our success story goes on: we have developed five new tastes this year - so far ;-)

May, 3rd 2023

New cooperation

FTWIN and Heckoville: furiously fast and full of energy

We are happy to announce our cooperation with Heckoville!

Heckoville’s passion is racing games, he streams GT7 and organises events reguarly.

Watch out and follow him on Twitch:

April, 3rd 2023

Two new products in our range at once!

Brandnew: BoosterBag and ShakerBoy2

We now not only have shakers in two new colours, but also our first merch item: the BoosterBag, a drawstring backpack with a large FTWin logo on it. The bag has a main compartment with a zipped pocket on the side, a drawstring with chest buckle and has a volume of 10 litres.
Also: Update for our shaker
Our new shaker is available in two colours: black and blue/purple. It is 100% waterproof, microwave safe and dishwasher safe. With a capacity of 600ml and a filling indicator in ml and oz, shakes can be precisely measured and prepared.

March, 3rd 2023

2nd GameNight in Aachen

450 visitors at peak times at the same time

From 10th to 11th of February 2023, the second GameNight took place at the FH Aachen and we supported as a sponsor.
The organisers speak of a complete success, as at peak times they counted up to 450 people at the event at the same time.

Because of various competitions, pizza, party and tombola, the night was over quickly. The vistiors‘ feedback was great, they had lots of fun and wish for a repeat of this event.

January, 19th 2023

New flavours

Brandnew: Our new flavours Mango Tango and Nightlime Cherry

They are finally here! Our two new flavours Mango Tango and Nightlime Cherry!
"Mango Tango" keeps the promise of its name: the mango flavour dances sensually and full of energy on the tongue.
"Nightlime Cherry" cruises along the palate with the taste of refreshing lime and fine cherry.


December 21st, 2022

This year's StreamClash by Gamer without Borders ended successfully

This year's StreamClash was a complete success!

From 08th to 11th December, the Gamers without Borders enthralled on 15 Twitch channels for about 72 hours.
In total, the StreamClash drew 1.325 viewers, with a peak of 504 people watching on 8 channels on 10th December.
"We are thrilled that together we were able to do something good again. The communities have shown us once again that "helping together" can simply be something beautiful ❤️," founding member MJ sums up the event. His partner Kopfscheubasti adds: "72h StreamClash has once again shown that gamers, with a little preparatory work (over 365 days) can prove that, contrary to the still prevailing opinion, they are very social people with a big heart."

The fantastic sum of € 5.060 from 308 donors was raised for Deutsche Depressions Hilfe! These were allocated to the project on 19th December.

Like last year, we supported this great campaign and will certainly be there in 2023!