We are FTWIN® NUTRITION and we make our name our programme.

Our team is made up of passionate gamers and nutrition experts who know what matters in nerve-wracking gaming sessions and what your body needs for them.

Our mission:

Pushing you into best shape with our products and to support you with sensible nutrition - no matter if you are a hobby gamer or a professional e-sportsman.

The right nutrition can quickly fall by the wayside in long gaming sessions. That’s what we are there for! We develop products with selected and coordinated nutrient combinations that maintain your performance, concentration and reflexes and contribute to the support of your health. This way, you can fully concentrate on your next game!

Our philosophy:

We know that optimal results need more than just the best hardware. Long gaming sessions are characterized by rapid dynamics and constantly changing situations that drain you. That’s why we tackle the very core – physical performance and health.

We are not only interested in improving your focus and reflexes. We also want to reduce negative effects such as stress and irritated eyes. In the end, this is the only approach that leads to optimal performance.
In short: Do you want to get the most out of every session? Then you’ve come to the right place!